Embrace real quality of life and get your hands on a box of naturally delicious, quality ingredients sourced from the fertile green Breedekloof Valley, conveniently brought to you by Opstal Vars. 

A new venture of the much-loved Opstal Wine Estate, located in the picturesque Slanghoek Valley close to Rawsonville, it’s operated by the Opstal Restaurant, headed up by talented chef PJ Lombard who serves up a combination of old favourites and seasonally inspired dishes. The accent is on freshness and locality in terms of supply.

Opstal has been family owned and run since 1847 and the current operational duo of Zak and Attie Louw are the seventh-generation descendants of JC ‘Lang Jan’ Rossouw, the first owner of “De Opstal bij de Fonteine”. Together with their parents, Stanley and Ria Louw, the sixth generation on the farm, over the years they have forged incredible relationships with farmers and speciality producers in the area, enabling them to fill Opstal Vars boxes with both everyday and niche products at a fair price.

Says Attie: “As part of our Opstal sustainability drive, we support nearby farms and local speciality producers where possible. Through creating the Opstal Vars box we aim to increase the use of locally sourced speciality products within the city, and in the process lower the carbon footprint on these products.

“We also aim to give back to our community one box at a time. We are proud to have third generation farm workers that have helped to make Opstal a success with thirty families who permanently live and work here. We have created a role for an additional worker to manage the packing of the boxes and we look forward to creating more jobs as the demand for our boxes soars.”

The Opstal Vars guarantee:

  • – Opstal Vars sourced from trusted, local suppliers from the Breedekloof Wine Valley. In case the product is not found locally, we get it from trusted ‘friends of Opstal’
  • – A fair-go for farmers: Opstal maintains personal relationships with growers. They are farmers themselves. This means they deal directly with small family-owned businesses and pay a fair cost for all products
  • – Opstal Vars provides you with the best wine there is to offer (wink). You will find a bottle of Opstal wine in every box.
  • Opstal limits the use of plastic and packaging where possible.

Opstal Vars boxes are offered at R650 per month. It can be collected once a month from an Opstal Vars hub near you. With no lock-in plans or contracts, you can cancel your subscription at anytime. Orders are placed monthly through the online shop:

Reach out to us if we do not have an Opstal Vars Hub listed in your area. As the demand for our Opstal Vars boxes grow, so will the number of collection hubs.

+23 23 344 3001 



Stretching from the Badsberg mountains on the east of the valley to the Slanghoek mountains in the west, Opstal boasts great diversity in terroir. The farm has been family owned and run since 1847 and current operational duo of Zak and Attie Louw are the seventh generation descendants of JC ‘Lang Jan’ Rossouw, the first owner of “De Opstal bij de Fonteine”. 

The Opstal team is on a ‘journey towards ever purer site expression’. The winery is well regarded for its Chenin blanc. Opstal’s Carl Everson Single Vineyard Chenin Blanc has won multiple awards over the years, and has gained a reputation as one of South Africa’s best expressions of this special grape variety. Almost completely surrounded by mountains, Opstal has typical hot Cape Winelands summer temperatures, but very cold and wet winters with average annual rainfall over the last 5 years of 1 350mm. In 2014 alone Opstal recorded 2 054mm. 

Today, Attie and Zak’s goal remains to offer friends, family and guests an estate experience like no other. With guidance from sixth generation Stanley and Ria Louw, the Opstal experience features a popular restaurant, a well-proportioned wine tasting as well as a stunning wedding venue.

What is more, the estate has recently introduced a luxury accommodation experience to its already enviable suite of deliciously delightful offerings. Located on a working wine farm just one hour’s drive from Cape Town, Opstal Stay is your perfect escape inland of the Boland Mountains.