Ciovita, the Cape Town company that makes premium cycling kit for international markets, is on track to unite fashion, form, function and community in an exciting new project, says CEO Andrew Gold. Its newly launched Ciovita X collaborative programme is pushing to celebrate prime examples of local talent and at the same time, aid social development.

“We are releasing limited-edition, high-performance designer gear with input from upcoming creatives. In every instance, a portion of sales is being committed to a community project with a proven and successful track record. Our mantra is life in motion – from cycling excellence to maintaining our momentum in responding innovatively and deftly to societal challenges.”

The first collaboration is with Stellenbosch artist Michelle-Lize van Wyk, whose artwork is to feature on a once-off, small-run range of three cycling sweaters. Each of the images has been inspired by a gorgeously coloured gemstone. The garments sell for R1 499 apiece (and include a free matching cycling cap), with R100 going towards AITSA!, an after-care child support group that works with pre-schoolers right up until they complete their secondary education.

The three gems are jacinth, a fiery orange/red zircon associated with spiritual depth and wisdom; sapphire – frequently deep blue – that’s believed to bring abundance, calm and intuition; and lastly, beryl, often green in colour and valued for its healing properties.

As the artist says: “My wish is for my work to strike a chord in some way with everyone, offering insight, direction and healing, while connecting and awakening whole communities. How wonderful if our collaboration can go some way towards achieving that!”

Gold says each Ciovita creative collaboration will be a once-off. “The garments we launch are intended as collectibles. We are working with a variety of designers and creatives to make beautiful, functional gear. We hope the Ciovita X garments will inspire in their wearers a pride in personal performance, in South African talent and in doing good. To be our best selves means more than just focusing on personal development goals. It demands that we see ourselves as part of a broader community and that we find workable ways to make a positive difference.”

He adds that Ciovita is not only raising funds for AITSA! but also working with the NGO to teach mountain biking skills to many of the children in its care.

To help AITSA! you can:

•           Buy a Ciovita X Michelle-Lize van Wyk collaboration sweater

•           Sponsor a child or programme

•           Sign up as a volunteer and donate an hour a week of your time.

About Ciovita

Ciovita, which takes its name from a mix of Italian and Latin, and means life in motion, is an international cycling kit company headquartered in Cape Town.  It designs and manufactures high-performance, premium cycling apparel from rigorously tested imported fabrics for the South African and international markets. It places innovation at the heart of its brand, with kit developed in-house, from concept to the final stitch. Visit for more information.

About Michelle-Lize van Wyk

Michelle-Lize is a Stellenbosch-based artist whose work interrogates what it is that gives, supports and sustains life. Her paintings give expression to the values on which we build our lives, as she continues to ask: What are the things that will not fall away at our feet when the world is shaken?

About AITSA!

Established in 2013, AITSA! is an NGO providing after-care to children in the Dwarsrivier Valley, Stellenbosch.  Its focus is on educational, arts, culture, sporting and life skills development. Working with Grade R children, and partnering with their carers, it aims to support learners until they reach school-leaving age. It currently works with 220 local children. Visit for further information.

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